Trendsetter ranks you and your friends on a variety of scores -- from your status as an early adopter to your affinity towards various brands and interests — and lets you answer short poll questions, with responses analyzed through the lens of Facebook likes and profile data and scores we generate as a result of that data.

We abide by Facebook Platform Policies, and the use of Facebook Connect is required to use Trendsetter. To use Facebook Connect with Trendsetter, we ask for the following permissions: Demographic information about you and your friends, your birthday, your email address, your hometown, your page likes, your friends' page likes, and you and your friends current residency. We also fetch your Facebook wall activity to determine how active you have been recently on Facebook.

Your friends' demographic information, likes, and wall activity are at the core of generating scores for you and your friends, and permissions relating to your wall activity are used to calculate a Sociability score measuring how often people respond to you on Facebook. You can use Trendsetter's polling features without authorizing all of these permissions, but we won't be able to give you an analysis of your friend network.

Data you volunteer about yourself when you connect on Facebook won't be shared with others unless you specifically authorize such sharing. Currently, Trendsetter does not have any features that would share information about you beyond your name, Facebook profile picture, and scores Trendsetter may generate on your behalf. We won't sell or rent your name or any other personally identifiable information to third parties.

Data displayed about your friends is subject to their privacy settings in Facebook, and only those friends with Facebook likes visible to you can be analyzed on Trendsetter. Basic personal information about your friends (name, profile picture, rank among your friends and Trendsetter or other affinity scores) will only be made visible to you when you log in and won't be shared with others. We may periodically email you with new surveys or product updates, and you may unsubscribe from receiving emails at any time while still remaining a Trendsetter user. Aggregate information (including poll results) showing summary statistics and trends may be displayed publicly, but with all personally identifiable information removed.

Trendsetter is committed to using data to deliver new insights about social media influence in ways that respect your privacy and security. Any questions about this privacy policy may be directed to

Updated: August 27, 2012